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Remote Software Training Classes


Live training without leaving your office!

All of our training classes are offered remotely for your convenience and safety. Schedule remote training today for your whole company or just one individual.

Software Training at Your Office

 Training at Your Office

Let us come to you!

Classroom style training from the convenience of your own office.  Your employees will have less time away from the office and reduce the stress of travel.

New Hire Training Programs

New Hire
Training Program

Equip your New Hires with the tools they need to succeed!

Let us help with your on-boarding! We will train all of your new employees based upon your company's software and specifications. We can help your new employees succeed and be able to hit the ground running!

Quarterly training programs

Yearly/Quarterly Training Programs

Empower GROWTH

by Partnering with us!

We offer yearly or quarterly customized technical training programs for your company. Imagine each employee becoming more profitable by helping them reach their full potential in the use of your technology.  Don't hire more people - instead invest in the employees you already have.

We help your employees reach their full potential.

Trending Courses


Over 20

years training experience.


Adobe Excel Teams Word OneDrive
Outlook Wldox iMan Juris WT


Outlook training classes


Worldox training classes


  • Worldox Essentials: Power UP!

  • Worldox: Advanced Searching

iManage Software Training Classes


  • iManage Essentials: UP and Running!

  • iManage: Advanced Searching

Juris Software Training Classes

Juris Suite

  • Juris Essentials: UP and Running

LMS+ Webtime

  • LMS+ WebTime Essentials: UP and Running

OneNote Access DocXTools Training

Other apps

  • We offer many other courses in apps such as OneNote,  Access, DocXTools, and many others.

  • We also customize courses based on your needs. If you do not see a specific course or app listed here, give us a call.  Let's discuss your particular requirements.


Phil Karter


Tax Controversy & Litigation Lawyer

To truly understand the value Mariann brings to an organization, one has to do a simple comparison: is my work life easier and more productive after Mariann's involvement than it was before?  The answer to which is self-evident for anyone who has worked with her.  Mariann understands process improvement and process management better than anyone else I have known in my long career. Her innate ability to show you a better way to get from point A to point B is a remarkable talent, particularly when applied to attorneys who are often pulled in many directions that can dilute efficiency. 

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iManage NetDocs Worldox training classes
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