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Adobe Pro DC: Mastering Adobe
Part I - III

Adobe Pro DC Training

Time: 3 Hours

Course Description:

Acrobat Pro DC lets you edit scanned documents and add text in the document's original font.  It allows you to compare two versions of a single PDF or two different PDF files.  Acrobat Pro DC also has the power to more accurately convert PDFs to Office files, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  In this workshop, you will learn how to use all of these tools, plus how to customize your workspace and much more!  Harness the power of the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • Opening PDFs

    • Open and Recently Opened

  • Creating PDF from Office

    • Word/Excel/PowerPoint

    • Creating PDF’s from Outlook Email

  • Tabbed Viewing Between Open PDF’s

  • Customizing the Tools Pane

  • Creating Shortcuts to Favorite Tools

  • Remove a Shortcut

  • Getting Help on Tool Options

  • Creating PDFs from any Format

    • Single File

    • Multiple Files

    • From Scanner, web page, clipboard, blank

    • Improved tool search

  • Customize Quick Tools

  • Using Page Thumbnails

  • Export PDF Docs to Any Format

    • Word

    • Excel

    • PowerPoint

    • PDF to Image (JPG, TIFF, PNG)

    • HTML Webpage to PDF

  • OCR / Text Recognition

    • Automatically OCR a scanned document

    • Manually Run OCR on Scanned Document

    • Manually OCR Multiple Documents

  • Adding and Editing Text

    • Zooming In and Zoom Out

    • Formatting Text

    • Adding Text

    • Resize Text Box

    • Move a Text Box

    • Adding an Image

  • Comments and Sticky Notes

    • Adding a Sticky Note

    • Adding a Comment to Replace Text

  • Organizing PDF’s

    • Move a Page

    • Move Multiple Pages

    • Copy a Page

    • Delete a page or pages

    • Extract a Page or Pages

    • Insert

    • Replace pages with another PDF document

    • Rotating Pages

    • Combining PDFs

    • Splitting a pdf

  • Finding/Searching/Replacing

    • Using the Find Function

    • Advanced Search

    • Batch Searching

  • Emailing

  • Share Your PDF with Others

  • Compress to Smaller Size

  • Comparing Two PDF Files

  • Bates Labels

  • Create Fillable Forms

  • Adding New Form Fields

    • Types of Fields

    • To Add a Field

  • Removing Metadata

    • Removing Hidden Information

    • Sanitizing Your Document

    • Adding Security to a PDF

    • Restricting Editing in a PDF

    • Adding Encryption for Security

    • Passwords and Encryption

    • Sending PDFs in a Security Envelope

  • Redacting

    • First Step: Recognizing Text

    • Redaction Tool Properties

    • Selecting Text for Redaction

    • Find Text and Redact

    • Redact Multiple Words or Phrases

    • Searching and Redacting Documents in an Entire Folder

    • Searching for Text Patterns

    • Applying Redactions

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