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New User Training

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Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

Let's face it... understanding Word's page numbering and section breaks can be challenging! Come join us for this class to learn how to overcome these challenges and breeze through your next long document that contains different headers, footers, page numbering and other trying functionalities. Master your miseries!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

Introduction to NetDocuments

  • What is NetDocuments?

    • Benefits of Using NetDocuments

    • If migrating from another DMS, explain benefits of ND over other (iManage, etc)

  • Getting Started

    • Logging In to NetDocuments

    • First Time Logging in

    • Different Service Regions

    • Password Requirements

    • Creating Shortcuts to NetDocuments

      • Desktop Shortcut – just drag and drop to desktop

      • Browser Bookmark/Favorite

  • Logged in Name Menu

    • Settings

    • Help

    • Logging Out

  • Setting up applications integration with NetDocuments

    • Options>Settings

    • Turning on Desktop Email Integration (if applicable) or other requirements for the particular Firm where you are teaching.

  • Go To Button

    • Locating a Matter using the Matter Name only

    • Finding by typing Client Name (or Number) then use ellipsis to locate Client Matters

    • Typing both Client and Matter Numbers

  • Understanding ND Structure (after finding a c/m so below will make more sense)

    • Cabinets

    • Workspaces

    • Folders

    • Subfolders

    • Documents

  •  Saving as a Favorite

    • Workspace (Usually Client/Matter)

    • Folder

    • Document

  • Navigation and Getting Around

    • Power Bar

    • Home Page – Click Logo

      • Notice favorited from above section

    • Navigation Bar and Pinning

    • Documents Menu

    • Matters Menu

    • Review: Summary vs List Views

    • Recent Workspaces

    • Recent Documents

    • Favorite Items/Workspaces (go to those favorited in lesson above and open the favorited document under items)

    • Document Details Panel

      • Document Information

      • Smart View

      • Full View

    • Right-click menu and options such as rename, copy/move

    • Right-click options from Home Page, the List View, and a Workspace

  • Opening Documents

    • From NetDocuments UI

    • From ndOffice

      • From Word/Excel/other MS Office Applications

      • From Adobe

      • Demonstrate Go To WebApp Button from ndOffice

    • Checking documents in/out from ndOffice/NetDocuments UI – Document Journey

    • Green vs Grey checked out mark

    • Emailing person who has doc checked out

    • Navigation of ndOffice: go to workspace, recent documents and workspaces, advanced search.

  • Saving Documents to NetDocuments

    • ndOffice: Saving from Word and Excel and other MS Applications

    • ndOffice: From Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro

    • Profiles

      • Required Fields *

      • Quickly and Easily Saving and Using a Profile Template

    • Right-Click a document from your hard drive and save to ND

    • Versions

    • Saving as a new version

    • Official Versions

    • o  Viewing Versions from Versions Detail Panel

    • Security

    • VESA meaning of each

    • Uploading and Adding Documents

    • Add button and options

    • Drag and drop


  • Customizing NetDocs

    • Importance of Customizing NetDocuments to Fit your Workflow

    • Sorting Documents - Column Header

    • Customizing Right-Click Menu

    • Home Page - Customizing Layout

    • Moving and adding favorite workspaces, documents, folders, and other items to your customized and added sections on Home Page

    • Saving Searches and Favoriting

    • Customizing Columns

    • Resizing Columns

    • Customizing Power Bar

  • Activity Center

    • Locating in System Tray (or Taskbar if pinned)

    • Loggin in from Activity Center

    • Resizing the dialog box

    • Home button from Activity Center to NetDocuments UI

    • Opening favorited items

    • Right-click menu – document options

    • Favorite Workspaces – Activity Center

    • Favorite Items – Activity Center

    • Show doc status is available here as well

    • Checkin documents

    • Losing your internet connection

    • Echo Folder


  • Using Search Bar – Quick Search

    • Searching Workspaces

    • Search Entire Cabinet from Home Page

    • Search in: Name/Subject or Everything

    • Filtering search results

    • “Go to Workspace” from a recent search or search result list

  • Advanced Searching

    • Clicking on the ellipsis … to access

    • Using one or multiple fields to search

    • Point out that there are additional advanced tools such as using wildcards and Boolean searching next to the fields

    • Ask what types of documents they may be looking for then demonstrate how to find using Advance Search (documents/authors/search terms/name/everything/file extension/document type/dates/created or modified by)

    • Use the filter icon to filter the results and show how you can also use advanced search and then filter by:

      • File Extension

      • Document Type

      • Author and Created/Modified By

      • Date or Date ranges (Created or modified)

Outlook and NetDocuments

  • Saving Outlooks Emails and Attachments to NetDocs

    • Predictive Filing

    • Pin a location to the NDMail Panel

    • Browse for Email Filing Location

    • ndSave and options

    • Saving Email Only

    • Saving Email Attachments

    • Saving Multiple Email Attachments

    • Emailed Filed Notification

  • Saving an outgoing email to NetDocs

    • Attaching a NetDocs document to an Email

    • Three Email Options

      • Email Copy – “Normal” Email Attachment

      • Email Link - Internal Link

      • Deliver a Secure Link - External Link

      • •  How to email both Email link and Email copy

    • Attach, Edit and Zip Options

Downloading Mobile Apps -iPhone and Android

Getting Help

  • Demonstrate again how to open Help from under the Username Dropdown Menu

  • How to Search the Help Center Knowledgebase

  • How to subscribe to articles

  • How to submit a Support Ticket

What to do next?

  • How to sign up for the NetDocuments Customer Newsletter

  • Sign up for follow-up training on intermediate and advanced classes (this will be based on what the Firm has requested to be taught)

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