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Mastering Office 365:

Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Training

Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

This course was created for those that have upgraded or are upgrading to Office 365.  Learn about the important new features that will make your work life easier.  Most of this class concentrates on Word but will also discover some of the "need to know" new features in Excel and PowerPoint.  Whether you are an Advanced User or just a Beginner, there is something here for you.  Discover Microsoft’s new features but also those that are buried that you will wish you would have known were there!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • Across Office

    • Search for Help

    • New Interactive Search

  • Word and Outlook

    • Dictate

    • Read Aloud

  • Word

    • Copy Non-Contiguous Text or Paragraphs

    • Move Paragraphs without cut and paste

    • Repeat Repeat Repeat (F4)

    • Selecting to the Second Power

    • Reveal Formatting (Shift + F1)

    • Preform a Calculation Without a Table

    • Get Help with Grammar and Writing

    • Change Grammar Options

    • Readability Statistics

    • Full Thesaurus (Shift + F7)

    • Smart Lookup

    • Welcome back!

    • Quickly Strip Formatting from Text

    • Time Saving Styles

    • Reply to Comments

    • Resolve Comments

    • Easily Recalling Text and Paragraphs

    • Translate on the go

  • Excel New Features in 365

    • Ideas Feature – will blow you away!

    • Quick Analysis

    • Create a Chart using recommended charts

  • PowerPoint New Features in 365

    • Designer Ideas

    • QuickStarter

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