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Word 365: 

Mail Merge Deep Dive


Time: 2 Hours

Course Description:

The next time you need to generate dozens of letters, labels, or even emails, relax. Let Word's mail merge feature do the work for you. Word's mail merge feature has been around for a long time but recent versions are much easier to use. You can use the mail merge feature to generate multiple documents at once. For instance, you might generate a batch of emails, letters, forms, or even labels using mail merge. Anytime most of the text is the same but it requires customized personalization, consider using mail merge. You'll save an immense amount of time!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • What is Mail Merge?

  • Creating Primary Source Letters

  • Creating a Letter for Mail Merge

  • Preparing Data Sources

  • Choosing a Data Source

  • Using Outlook Contacts as a Data Source

  • Using Excel as a Data Source

  • Using a Word Table as a Data Source

  • Using the Mail Merge Wizard

  • Using the Mailings Toolbar for Merge

  • Creating a New Data Source On the Fly

  • Merging to Outlook Emails

  • What Email Merge can do for You

  • Creating Personalized Email Messages

  • Envelopes, Labels and Directories

  • Creating Mail Merge Envelopes

  • Creating Labels

  • Adding an Image to Each Label

  • Using Rules and Other Advanced features

  • Prompting for Input with FILLIN

  • Prompting for Repeating Input with ASK and REF

  • Using IF-THEN-ELSE for Intelligent Merging

  • Removing Merge - a “Normal” Document

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