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Outlook 365:

Time Management Using Outlook


Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

There are 86,400 seconds in each day. Making the most of each of them  is crucial. Outlook offers several features that can be used for time management. Give an hour of time for this class to save hours and hours every week, month and year. Learn how to take back and manage your time using Outlook’s time saving tips and tricks!


Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • Planning Your Day

  • Capturing Time with Outlook

  • Scheduling Based on Your Best Times

  • Outlook Time Saving Tips and Management

  • Appointments, Events, Meetings

  • Quick Ways Create An Appointment

  • Creating an Event

  • Creating a Meeting

  • Clipboard Tricks - Quickly Create New…

  • Calendar - Use Natural Language

  • Viewing People’s Availability

  • Showing Different Time Zones

  • Setting Calendar Options

  • Changing Calendar Views

  • Selecting Dates with Your Mouse to create an event

  • Creating Appointments with Click and Drag

  • Inserting Items into an Appointment

  • Changing Time Segments for Appointments

  • Creating a Calendar Event from an Email

  • Calendar View Shortcuts

  • Viewing Outlook in Multiple Windows

  • Snapping Windows

  • Navigation Options

  • Creating Tasks

  • Creating a Task from an Email

  • Click and Drag Contacts to Create a Meeting or a Task

  • Viewing Daily Task List in Outlook Calendar

  • Setting Daily Task List Options

  • Viewing Tasks Bar in Email View

  • Changing Views in Tasks

  • Arranging Tasks

  • Assigning Tasks

  • Sending Task Progress Report

  • Using Peek

  • Creating a Contact from an Email

  • Flagging Emails for Follow-Up

  • Creating a Reminder to for an email or to Call a Contact

  • Creating a Contact Group

  • Using Quick Parts

  • Creating a Quick Part

  • Using Quick Parts

  • Creating an Email Template

  • Automating common or repetitive tasks with Quick Steps

  • Default Quick Steps in Outlook 365:

  • Modifying Default Quick Steps

  • Creating a Quick Step

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

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