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Excel 365: Making Long

Worksheets Fit on One Page


Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

One of the most frequent Excel calls received at help desks across the country is, “How do I make a very long worksheet fit to one page and still have it be legible?”  What to do when a client sends you something that seems impossible to print? What happens when you do a print preview or print, and nothing is there? What to do when pages and pages of “just lines” (borders) print out? What to do to “squeeze” a worksheet on one page while keeping it legible?

Excel comes with several built-in options to “Make it fit.”  The problem with these options is it simply shrinks the size of the font – even if it has to shrink it to 1 point – which, of course, is unreadable!  It doesn’t take into consideration page margins, orientation, page size or any other options. You may try these options if something is barely out of the print range first.  Otherwise, these options will just makes a mess with longer worksheets.

This class will discuss tips on how to “make it fit” and more!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

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