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Excel 365: Mastering PivotTables and Creating Pivot Charts


Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

PivotTables are a powerful tool that can help you save immense amounts of time analyzing your data.  Many people find themselves too intimidated by the feature to add it to their workflow but in this course our instructor will break down how to use PivotTables in a very easy to understand way, and will also make you feel comfortable using the tool once you see how easy it can be to manipulate your dataset to easily analyze in many different ways. As an added bonus, learn how to use the data from your PivotTable to create PivotCharts  to also summarize your data visually.

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • Creating a PivotTable

  • PivotTable Fields Task Pane

  • To Reopen a Field List

  • Removing a Field

  • Using Recommended PivotTables

  • Pivoting a PivotTable

  • Rearranging Fields

  • Configuring a PivotTable

  • Deleting a PivotTable

  • Totals and Subtotals Preferences

  • Changing Your Default Preferences

  • Sorting Your Data

  • Filtering Your Data

  • Changing the Data Field Summary

  • Showing Values As  (Formatting)

  • Using Calculations

  • Adding a Design Style to a PivotTable

  • Copy and Paste a PivotTable to Raw Values

  • Creating a Chart from a PivotTable

  • Creating a Chart from Pasted Values

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