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TrialDirector 6

Time: 1 Day Hands-On

at your offices - Live training only

Course Description:

An attorney’s job is to tell a true and complete story with words, using months, if not years of case management, motions, discovery, productions, hearings, and finally a trial. TrialDirector puts all of those things together in just a few seconds to enhance the presentation of the evidence to the 12 members of the jury. Evidence gets you to trial but telling the story of the evidence to the jury wins it.

TrialDirector is software that gives attorneys a way to present their evidence in a clear, concise manner the jury can understand. It helps organize documentary and testimonial evidence for easy presentation and offers advanced functionality and workflows that best help attorneys prepare for trial or alternative dispute resolution. In other words, framed in the reality of the courtroom, TrialDirector is the workhorse that will help you win.

Course Material:

You will receive a step-by-step manual that walks you through each process.  Best practices are also included.  

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Trial Director

    • Case Library

    • Document Manager

    • Transcript Manager

  • Case Library / Document Manager

    • Page Layout

    • Importing Documents

    • Workbooks

    • Toolbar Layout

    • Printing Options

    • Tools

  • Transcript Manager

    • Page Layout

    • Importing / Exporting transcripts

    • Basic search options

    • Creating / Editing clips

    • Synchronized Exhibits

    • Issue Codes

    • Printing Options

  • Presentation Mode

  • Loading Items

  • Annotation Tools

  • Presentation Options

  • Multiple Zones

  • Dual Screen Presentation

  • Load / Save Toolbars

  • Extras

  • Courtroom Equipment and Setup

  • Trial Best Practices

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