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Outlook 365: Essential Training

Time: 1.5 Hours


Course Description:

New to Outlook or interested in becoming more proficient and efficient?  A large majority of people say that dealing with email takes up the major part of their days.  This class will help you shave down that wasted time.


We start from the ground up to get you up and running using email, calendars, contacts and tasks.  Stay organized and productive by learning how to search email, use advanced search, easily create and organize contacts, and manage your inbox and Outlook calendar.  Many tips and tricks included!


Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started with Email

  • Navigate the Outlook Interface

  • Right-Clicking Messages

  • Getting Help

  • Tell Me What You Want to Do Feature

  • Creating and Sending an Email

  • Turn On / View the BCC Field

  • Attaching a File From Your Computer

  • Adding Pictures to a Message

  • People Pane

  • Creating New Folders

  • Outlook Contacts

  • Viewing Contacts

  • Creating a New Contact

  • Forwarding a Contact

  • Working with the Calendar

  • Viewing the Calendar

  • Creating or Scheduling Appointments

  • Schedule Meetings with Other People

  • Working with Tasks and Notes

  • Creating Tasks

  • Creating Notes

  • Dictating Emails

  • Filtering Emails

  • Searching Email

  • Advanced Find

  • Viewing Outlook in Multiple Windows

  • Flag Emails for Follow-Up

  • Add a Reminder to a Contact

  • Create a Contact from an email

  • Jump List

  • To Do Bar

  • Message Pop Out Option

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