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OneNote Essentials Training


Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Description:

It’s time to get  rid of legal notepads and sticky notes!  Microsoft’s OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to gather all of your pertinent information in one place – and better yet –SEARCH through all of your notebooks to easily find  the information that you are looking for (even if the note was taken a year ago or longer)!  Get rid of drawers full of legal notepads that are time consuming to look through and find what you  need. 


In addition, OneNote is chock full of additional features: share a notebook if you need to collaborate with others, send an email from Outlook to OneNote with a push of a button or create a To Do list in OneNote that syncs with Outlook, print to OneNote from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint or attach files, record audio and video straight from OneNote, insert tables, scan in handwritten notes, take screen clippings that link back to websites you need to reference, take notes with a digital pen, use page templates and so much more!

Course Material:

A customized step-by-step Quick Reference Card with screenshots is included in this class which covers each topic you will learn.

Course Outline:

  • What is OneNote?

  • Opening OneNote

  • OneNote Interface

  • Notebook Hierarchy

  • Putting your notebook together

  • Creating a new notebook

  • Creating a new section

  • Moving a section

  • Color coding a section

  • Creating a new page

  • Move or Copy a Page

  • Creating a Subpage

  • Switching notebooks

  • Typing or writing notes

  • Saving your notes

  • Saving to OneDrive

  • Changing the Display Name

  • Changing Name of Notebook

  • Creating and adding content

  • Sending content to OneNote

    • From Word, Excel or PowerPoint

    • From Outlook

  • Adding Outlook Tasks

  • Inserting Outlook Meetings

  • Copying and pasting content

  • Screen Clippings with Link and Reference

  • Inserting documents and files

  • Inserting Online Video

  • Recording audio or video

  • Adding pictures

  • Inserting a table

  • Working with Templates

  • Using Templates

  • Saving as a Template

  • Choosing a default template

  • Working with Text

  • Formatting text

  • Adding tags

  • Adding Bullets and Numbering

  • Using Styles

  • Checking your spelling

  • Highlighting text

  • Adding links

  • Searching Your Notes

  • Searching by Author

  • Find Recent edits

  • Sharing Pages

  • Sending Page Via Email

  • Sending a page to a Word document

  • Printing from OneNote

  • Sharing notebooks

  • Invite people in mail

  • Get a sharing link

  • Share OneNote notes during a meeting

  • Password Protection

  • To password protect a section

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